Autistic centre Andreas ®, n.o.
Galandova 7
811 06 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel./fax: +421 2 544 10 907
GSM: +421 918 591 624 (building management and library)
GSM: +421 905 746 280
GSM: +421 908 767 565

legal form: non-profit organization
registered in the regional court of Bratislave under the number: OVVS/773/37/2001-NO
established: 19.11.2001
IČO: 31 821 677
DIČ: 202 170 2683

IBAN: SK10 7500 0000 0040 0823 5806
account number: 4008235806 / 7500
name of the bank: ČSOB a. s.
bank address: Laurínska 1, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovenská republika

statutory representative: Ing. Kateřina Nakládalová

Where can you find us


Public transport:
Bus stop Šulekova: public transport vehicle no 208, bus no 147
Bus stop Kozia: public transport vehicle no 203, 207, 208

Please only use parking spaces near Andreas that are legally available for that purpose, DO NOT use the spaces that are marked by a white cross as those are reserved for the citizens of a the current city district, please also DO NOT park on the pavement that is marked by a continuous yellow line. If you do then you are at risk of being removed by the city services and subject to a financial penalty. We have two available parking spaces in front of the building marked as ZŤP. You can also park within the building’s territory. In this case please inform us in advance because the parking space are utilized by other employees as well as external providers of services. Thank-you for your understanding.