Our Services

First diagnosis

This is provided for children which show signs of being on the autistic spectrum. The child will undergo a complex diagnostic procedure which requires three meetings. Exceptions can be put into place if the person is commuting to Bratislava from far away. The first meeting is based on an anamnestic interview with the primary care giver/ legal guardian without the presence of the child. The second and third meeting is centred on direct interaction with the child. An integral part of the first diagnosis meeting is the provision of information concerning the conclusions of the diagnosis, further counselling and sending a printed copy of the diagnosis documentation to your home address.

Rediagnosis (psychological diagnosis, special-education diagnosis)

This is provided for children with an established diagnosis of a disorder from the autistic spectrum with the aim of assessing the current level of functioning regarding the needs in connection to school or pre-school preparation, as well as conducting an assessment for the purpose of compensation.

Profile EAP

PEP-R supplies a developmental approach to assessing children with autism and similar developmental disorders (from 0 – 7 years) in 7 developmental areas: imitation, perception, fine and gross motor skills, integration of eye-hand movements, cognitive and verbal abilities- language understanding in behaviour. The acquired score from the 7 areas is utilized to develop an Individual educational plan (IEP).

EAP serves the purpose of an applied educational aid for teachers for assessing the developmental level for children that are on the autistic spectrum from 0 to 7 years in 17 developmental areas (social development, communication, receptive and expressive vocabulary, imitation, motor movements, writing motor movements and drawing, self-care, perception and abstract visual thinking). The developmental score acquired in various areas is utilized as a foundation for the development of an Individual educational plan (IEP).

CARS (Childhood Autism Rating Scale)

This is an observational scale which contrasts the neuro-typical development with the development of the assessed child in 15 observed areas; it takes into account the mental level, defines the level of autistic presentations in the child; serves as a supplementary scale in addition to other diagnostic methods.

Specialized social counselling

A service not just for children and young people with an autistic spectrum disorder but also their parents and their closer and wider social circles. We provide help with coming to terms with a disability, in acquiring orientation in socio-legal legislation and in issues concerned with bringing up and education as well as putting reasonable adjustments in place with respect to the physical and social environment of the child. We offer social counselling in accordance with law 485/2013.

Social Rehabilitation

This is a service that we use to empower children that are on the autistic spectrum to make positive steps in the areas they are struggling with: communication (the practice of communication techniques), social skills and the ability to make meaningful use of one’s leisure time, social skills for achieving the maximum independence in one’s life (the practice of self-care skills). We offer social rehabilitation in accordance with law 485/2013.


Supports the acquisition and development of knowledge and skills for increasing the independence of the child or young person, who has a disorder on the autistic spectrum, to the greatest possible extent.