Pricelist of Services

The provided service- the price is for one hour (60 minutes) unless an exception applies. For every started half hour we charge half of the service price. EUR
First diagnosis
(comprehensive diagnosis that entails 3 meetings= anamnestic interview with the parent/ legal guardian without the child; second meeting is an examination by a child psychiatrist; third meeting is a special-educational examination, information regarding the conclusions of the examination and guidance regarding care.)
150,00 € /
(3 meetings, each last from 1- 1.5 hours)
Differential diagnosis or re-diagnosis
(consists of 2 meetings= examination by a child psychiatrist and psychological and special educational examination with the goal of differential diagnosis, establishing a diagnosis if the diagnosis was not provided in former examinations or the verification of diagnosis + recommendations for future care.
100,00 € /
(2 meetings, each last 1-1.5 hours)
Re-diagnostic examination
(consists of 1 meeting= psychological and special educational examination with the goal of determining the capabilities of the child for educational or other institutions + recommendations for future care – if the diagnosis was established and verified.
70,00 € /
(1 meeting for 1.5 hours)
CARS (assessment scale) 20,00 € / hour
Developmental diagnosis PEP + EHP 20,00 € / hour
Intellectual diagnosis
(opening conversation, test application and the writing up of the concluding report)
50,00 € / meeting last from
1 to 2 hours
Services of a child psychiatrist 25,00 € / hour
Therapy 17,00 € / meeting lasts from
50 to 60 minutes
Intervention based on ABA approach*
(Applied behavioural analysis is mainly useful for small children up to 2 years. We recommend a minimal frequency of 3 times per week.
15,00 € / hour
Social rehabilitation 0,00 € /hour
Specialized social counselling 0,00 € /hour
Basic social counselling 0,00 € /hour
Expert consultation (every additional hour for 10 eur) 20,00 € / hour
Group therapy; 2 to 4 children in the group 6,00 € / hour
The creation of a review, written report, recommendation, report from EHP (this service is free of charge if it is a part of a comprehensive examination) 15,00 € / per report
Special educational recommendations for schools (examinations, reports, recommendations for individual study plans) 40,00 € / per meeting, each
meeting is 1 to 2 hours
The development of other confirmation reports 5,00 € / per report
Translation of report into a foreign language 5,00 € / per page
Training seminars (price per two hour seminar for a maximum of 30 participants; the price can increase by travel costs and based on special requirements of the client); also depends upon agreement 150,00 € / per seminar
Leisure activities 6,00 € / hour
Art therapy 9,00 € / hour
Group art therapy 6,00 € / hour
Music therapy 9,00 € / hour
Snoezelen therapy 9,00 € / hour
Dog therapy 24,00 € / hour

*ABA is one of the most widely used approaches for people with ASD in the world. It requires intensive work with the child aimed at learning communication, cognitive and social skills using games and a step based approach. It is a method based on observation and analysis of behaviour as well positive behaviour reinforcement that leads to the acquisition of appropriate new behaviours.

Pricelist is valid from 01.09.2016


In the case of no-show of the cancellation of a meeting less than 24 hours before the booked appointment the clients is required to pay 50 % of the price for the current service for blocking it for other clients. In the case of a sudden illness of the child the appointment can be cancelled and the cancellation fee may not apply based on individual agreement. The appointment can be cancelled via the telephone, and in the case of unavailability by text message on the number +421 908 767 565.