Realita života s autizmom (Višegrádsky fond), 2005

- 28. máj 2005 Bratislava Medzinárodná konferencia o autizme
- Hlavná téma konferencie: Autizmus v dospievaní a dospelosti
- Hodnotenie konferencie

- Prednášky (MS Powerpoint)
- Autizmus a dospievanie, autizmus a dospelost (Andreas n.o. Bratislava)
Starostlivost o dospelých autistických klientov (DSS ÚPKM Lipského Bratislava)
Zkušenosti se vzdeláváním žáku s autismem ve speciálních trídách v Ceské republice (KU Praha)

- Prednášky (MS Word)
- Starostlivot o dospelých autistických klientov v Domove sociálnych služieb pre deti a dospelých p.K.Matulaya Bratislava
- Starostlivot o dospelých autistických klientov v Domove sociálnych služieb pre deti a dospelých p.K.Matulaya Bratislava - sumár
- Support for persons with autism in Krakow (eng)

Autism in Real Life
The problem of autism is very serious, but still missing appropriate interest of the competent authorities and institutions in partner’s countries. Dissemination of knowledge about autism and its treatment possibilities through the one – day international seminar will raise the awareness of state, local authorities and institutions. The rationale for this project is the big deficit detected in the countries of V4 with regard to the treatment, care and diagnosis of people with disorders of autistic spectrum. Apart from this, the V4 countries have achieved different standards of work in mentioned areas (treatment, care, diagnosis etc.), what has caused different levels of quality. From this reason it is necessary for professionals to have an opportunity to communicate experience with each other and to inform themselves of applied methods as well as of their work activities.Another important point is to invite professionals from West European Countries. Thanks having a long years experience would be their active participation in the conference an important contribution. The meeting could help to surmount differences between EU and V4 countries and to raise the standards and quality of work in the Countries of V4.The profile of abilities of persons with autism is characterized with big differences between the skills on one hand and profound handicaps on the other hand. One of their in common skills in which they are sometimes high skilled is their interpretation of reality through drawings and paintings. That is why we decided as a part of seminar to introduce their art in exhibition. The ways of making a problem known are different and is not easy to find some new nowadays. We will organize a raffle of tickets of all participants of seminar, due which there will be possible to win some interesting prices. This could be an interesting way how to remember our seminar and problem of autism.

The Centre for Persons with Autism Andreas b.o. - The Slovak Republic
The Autistic Club - The Czech Republic
Charles University, Faculty of Education, Department of Special Education - The Czech Republic
Autism Foundation - Hungary
Krakow Branch of National Society for Autism - Poland
Fundació Congost- Autisme (Barcelona) - Spain

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